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Reimagining Public Spaces After COVID-19 | Celia Lee | TEDxYYC

Our public spaces can and should improve health and equity in our City – while developing our economy. Let’s rethink our assumptions about who and what our public spaces are for.

The way we build our cities affects our health, happiness and our pocketbooks. Affecting policy may be the most effective way to change the way we build public space on a large scale. However, grassroots projects can have a lot of local impact while developing public interest – thereby increasing political will for larger-scale change.

Here is some more imagery of what change could look like: http://www.sustainablecalgary.org/the-blog/2021/9/26/reimagining-public-space Celia specializes in research and programming on topics ranging from poverty to social economy, material culture, environmental economics, environmental design and sustainability. She is Executive Director of Sustainable Calgary, a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting community-led action towards sustainability – as measured by 40 indicators in its State of our City reports. Recent programming has been dedicated to “co-designing” healthy neighbourhoods and informing policy on active travel, health and equity in city design. Celia has co-authored works such as Reimagine Catwalks Playbook: Policy Companion (2021), 2020 Poverty Snapshot in Calgary, Becoming A City for Everyone: 2019 Ottawa Hunger Report, The Cost of Poverty in Ontario (2019), Healthy Places: Designing for Health in Alberta (2018), and Poverty Costs (Alberta, 2012). As a trained mezzo-soprano, Celia can be found singing with local groups such as Luminous Voices, Early Music Voices and the Rosa Baroca orchestra. In her spare time she has been contemplating the merits of tree worship, reading, hiking, and listening to Buffy (St. Marie//the Vampire Slayer). This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at https://www.ted.com/tedx

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