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Make Zoom more human, humane, effective and inclusive | Luci Englert McKean | TEDxBloomington

For more than a year now, too many organizations have been meeting via Zoom and other videoconference apps, thinking of them as a wholly inadequate bandage for a temporary problem. That limited perspective prevents them from seeing a remarkable opportunity to deepen collegial relationships, reduce loneliness, engage more thoroughly and effectively around the tasks at hand, and help people understand the value of people with vastly different perspectives. By engaging with others from a physically centered, heart-forward, thoughtful position, we can utilize Zoom and other video conferencing methods to truly connect with others just as well (and sometimes even better) than working around tables together. Luci’s talk offers several specific tools for improving your next Zoom — or in-person — gathering!

http://nsrfharmony.org Luci Englert McKean is co-editor of two books (and two more in-progress) of protocols designed to help groups grow trust, address dilemmas, and avoid “quick fixes” while still accomplishing more in short bursts of time. She is Director of NSRF Virtual Learning, Assistant Director of the National School Reform Faculty, and an International Facilitator/Trainer and Coach. Luci also works as an independent consultant and speaker, reaching out to education and non-education audiences on these topics. As the former licensee and curator for TEDxBloomington, Luci has coached more than 60 speakers for the stage and loves sharing from stages herself! Even more, she loves introducing groups to protocols so they can experience these structures firsthand and viscerally know the power of “going slow to go fast.” This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at https://www.ted.com/tedx

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