The World’s Largest Nuclear Weapon (ft. Stephen Fry) #shorts

How devastating is the world’s largest nuclear weapon? Stephen Fry explains. #shorts

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Stephen Fry | Narrator
Pindex | Script Writer
Julián Gustavo Gómez | Director
Ever Salazar | Illustration, Video Editing and Animation

MinuteEarth is produced by Neptune Studios LLC

Sarah Berman • Arcadi Garcia i Rius
David Goldenberg • Julián Gustavo Gómez
Melissa Hayes • Alex Reich • Henry Reich • Peter Reich
Ever Salazar • Leonardo Souza • Kate Yoshida

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Model the reach of a nuclear weapon:

Russia’s (formerly) secret footage of 1961 Tsar Bomba hydrogen blast:

Toon, Brian. “I’ve studied nuclear war for 35 years — you should be worried. | Brian Toon | TEDxMileHigh” YouTube, uploaded by TEDx Talks, 1 Feb. 2018,

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