What Are the Long-Term Effects of COVID-19?

Many people want to avoid contracting COVID, not just because of the immediate effects of the disease, but also because of the way those effects can linger. But how exactly can COVID affect different parts of your body—including your brain—even after you test negative?

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SARS-CoV-2 (which is the virus that causes COVID-19) enters your cells using a receptor called ACE-2, which is a surface protein that tons of our cells have, especially the epithelial ones. Epithelial cells line our organs and our blood vessels…they’re a HUGE part of our body.

ACE-2 is essentially like a doorknob, and it’s how the virus lets itself into our cells. And this is crucial to how COVID can make us so sick in so many different ways and potentially for so long.

And because the virus binds to ACE-2, and ACE-2 is all over your epithelial cells, and those epithelial cells are all over your body, the virus can cause this chaos everywhere, and that chaos doesn’t just go away.

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Nearly One-Third of Covid-19 Survivors Have Symptoms, Some Up To 9 Months Later, New Study Finds
“Of the 177 mostly outpatients (90% never admitted to the hospital), researchers found that the most common chronic symptoms were fatigue (24/177 patients) and loss of smell or taste (24/177 patients). Four patients (2.3%) also reported brain fog, among 23 patients (13%) reporting other symptoms.”

Long COVID Alliance Launched to Help Coronavirus ‘Long Haulers’
“More than 50 organizations have formed the Long COVID Alliance to use their collective knowledge and resources to educate policymakers, accelerate research, and empower patients.”

‘Long COVID’ Study Will Examine Vaccines’ Effect on Patient Symptoms
“A new study is currently enrolling people with long COVID who have not yet been vaccinated. The work could tell researchers what’s driving the condition and offer clues to treatment.”

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