Which Countries Make the Most Plastic Waste?

China just put the brakes on buying up nearly half of the world’s exported plastics, but which country is really to blame for our plastic pollution? Here’s what we know.

How Seeker Will Collect The Most Extensive Data Set of the Pacific Ocean | The Swim –

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Dead whale in Indonesia had swallowed 1,000 pieces of plastic
“Park officials found bags, plastic bottles, sandals and 115 plastic cups in the whale’s stomach, as well as a sack containing more than 1,000 pieces of string.”

Plastic Recycling is Broken. Here’s How to Fix It.
“In 2016, China imported two-thirds of the world’s plastic waste. So when China stopped buying the world’s discarded plastics, it threw markets into turmoil. But it also created opportunity.
Plastic waste imports, millions of metric tons, 2016”

The Violent After Life of a Recycled Plastic Bottle
“Even recyclable plastic items are difficult to process if they haven’t been cleaned properly—hence, the leaflets calling for us to “rinse our recyclables.” The cleaner a plastic bottle is, the easier it is to reincarnate it as something new.”


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