Lightning Struck Apollo 12… Twice, Here’s How Mission Control Reacted | Apollo

Like the astronauts, NASA’s mission control had to be ready to solve any problem, but during Apollo 12, the team was faced with a shocking scenario that no one expected.

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How Curiosity, Luck, and the Flip of a Switch Saved the Moon Program
“Unbeknownst to anyone at that moment, their spaceship had just become history’s highest and fastest lightning rod. And, contrary to the old myth that lightning never strikes the same place twice, it was about to happen again.”

The Forgotten True Story of Alan Bean’s Unlikely Journey to the Moon
“This is the wild true story of Apollo 12, and how a little creativity and ingenuity saved the day.”

Apollo 12: The Pinpoint Mission
“During landing, Conrad and Bean anxiously looked outside, hoping that what they saw on the surface would correspond with what they had memorized from maps while back on Earth. When Conrad spotted a familiar crater, he whooped, “There it is! Son of a gun, right down the middle of the road!””


The path to the moon traced a dangerous line of risk and reward. In a race against time, the Apollo Program challenged our scientific capabilities and redefined the boundaries of humanity. To celebrate NASA’s 60 years of exploration, Seeker is going back in time to relive each Apollo mission, taking viewers on a ride to an entirely new world.

Seeker explains every aspect of our world through a lens of science, inspiring a new generation of curious minds who want to know how today’s discoveries in science, math, engineering and technology are impacting our lives and shaping our future. Our stories parse meaning from the noise in a world of rapidly changing information.

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